Visceral Vision


acrylic on canvas, performance on video, live performance

variable dimension, variable duration

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” — Rumi

Can an art form be planned for and reverse engineered, like a manufactured product? Or should we indulge in play within structure, while we entrust our intuitions to take over?

An artist sees in his raw material a reality used as a means of expression. His expression. And that of his collaborators. The intuition of the artist cannot be separated from the medium. Whether body, rhythm, or paint.

Visceral Vision explores the notion of intuition through an expression of visceral intent that involves both corporeal engagement and play of colours.

Trust. Sense. Let the body take over before the mind bogs itself down and prepare to be surprised.

This series is part of Colours in Motion - Visceral Vision arts showcase, done in collaboration with dance artist Chen Jiexiao, Melyn Chow and Valerie Koon as part of a 1 hour performance art. The paintings created in this showcase are all created by coalescing both dance and painting with the artists' visceral intent.