The Epicurean State. (TES) is a lifestyle company with a focus on luxury yacht charters in Singapore. Together with their exclusive partner, Marina at Keppel Bay, TES provide an exquisite and intimate experience to their guests to the region's most exotic destinations on-board the largest portfolio of yachts in Singapore.

Paragraph is a company of dance artists working in tandem for the purpose of making and performing creative contemporary works. They aim to share their inspirations with audiences through strong collaborative work processes and bold expression of ideas; to become active contributors to the development of the local dance scene.

Dove Doodle is a newly set up Company which aims to build an inclusive society through promoting visual arts in the community and celebrating diversities among individuals with artistic inclinations and abilities.

Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA) aims to highlight emerging talents in Singapore’s art scene. Founded by Jacquelyn Soo in 2008 and run by a team of members, the project hopes to enable and enrich platforms for art talents to showcase their works.

Uninhibited Space provides a collaborative platform for self-care and community building using the arts as a tool. We envision an inclusive society where, starting from the individual, communities embrace differences and take an active role in building a common ground. With an emphasis on the process of self-discovery and exploration, we seek to create sparks of synergy between four main areas of focus: community, the arts, culture, and self.


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