NATURE|MAN - homogeneity

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NATURE|MAN - homogeneity

oil on canvas
60 by 48"

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction."

~Edward O. Wilson

Nature | Man explores the relationship between nature (the non-built, non-synthetic environment) and man. This homogeneity is a complex one as humans have lived alongside nature ever since their existence and are in fact, a part of nature. Mankind’s association with nature has also evolved over time, from the earlier days when Homo sapiens lived in intimate contact with nature in hunter-gatherer societies, to the industrialization period, whereby mankind started to conquer and control the natural environment. Today, due to rapid urbanization in contemporary Singapore, alienation from the natural world is inevitable, as buildings and development began to take over our land, while technology began to dominate our lives. Moreover, the fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore has made our people live in a linear and ever-progressing manner and few people can afford the time to slow down and appreciate nature.

Through this series, I would like to question what possibilities there are in developing a bond with nature in the midst globalization and modernity and to reflect and ponder upon our stranded ties with nature.

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